Songs For Your Spirit Life Coaching For Your Inward Journey

Challenges Ahead?

Bring heart, body and spirit to your current situation. Clear your thoughts. Select one or more questions. Let your deep inner wisdom respond:

   Challenges Ahead Coaching Prompts
Background photo used with permission
of photographer, Matty Wolin.
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What challenges do you see?
What do you dream of?
What drama are you creating?
What drama are you feeding?
Where does the road lead?
What do you believe?
What makes you frown?
What would bring a smile?
What is the gutsiest move?
What does glory feel like?
What is hiding behind the clouds?
What has already been harvested?
What new growth are you watering?
What wings are available?
What ruts trip you up?
What boosts your bravery?
What is your future worth?