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Artist's Way Class

Now is the time to gather a small group around you and journey The Artist's Way together. Support for our inner process is so important! Surrounding ourselves with loving others who hold us accountable to the work are key to the transformative power of this book. Read a bit about "believing mirrors" here. Then, go ahead - get started!

Life Coaching and The Artist's Way

Imagine ...

  • if The Artist's Way, a book by author Julia Cameron, is a guided tour into the inner, creative self, a course in unblocking our personal, internal creator, freeing ourselves to express our inner beauty, merging our lives with the Master Creator of the universe
  • if Life Coaching begins with an amazing human being -- you -- who is creative, resourceful, whole, and seeking ever more fulfillment and is all about you, about discovering and exploring the potential within you that is currently hidden, blocked, or otherwise inaccessible...
... What can happen when a life coach is your facilitator as you walk with fellow creatives in a guided exploration of The Artist's Way?

Maybe it's time to find out! Read more about The Artist's Way. It's an investment in you, a commitment to living fully the life of your dreams!

Already a member of an active book or discussion group? Maybe it's time for your group to deepen personal relationships with the added accountability and direction that a life coach can offer. Contact Jeanne directly to arrange an offering that works with your group's availability. Cost for the journey is $600/person and includes 12 group meetings and 2 personal life coaching sessions per person (valued at $90 each). Group size: 4-6 persons.