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Life Purpose

In my own coaching experience, it has been very empowering to develop a theme for the year ahead and, most recently, to develop a clear "life purpose statement". Let me give you an idea of what can happen when your life journey is infused with a simple, clear intention.

It was January of 2007 when my life coach, Maripat Abbott, worked with me to develop a theme for the year 2007. After a bit of molding, it was set: 2007: The Year I Stand In My Strength. Then she asked that I create a 3-dimensional object to represent this theme and be a reminder for me as the year progressed. How dare she! I don't do 3-dimensional objects! Ah, but I do! I create music. So, that's what happened. It didn't take long to create the song: I Stand In My Strength.

Fast forward to October of 2007. I am in church on Sunday. One of my sacred "believing mirrors", a musical mentor, Jana Stanfield, was delivering the Sunday message and giving a concert. This was her second visit to Unity, the first was in 2006. At that time, Jana asked if I would sing one of my songs during her concert. And I said, "No. They hear me all the time. They don't want to hear me when you are here!" That was in 2006. But now it was 2007 and she asked again. CRAP! How could I say no? This is the year I stand in my strength! Truly it was that theme, and the power of my 3-dimensional object, which forced me to say "Yes". I sang that song - using her guitar. I told the story of how the song came to be. And, through a bit of nervous energy, I was able to stand in my strength!

And the added bonus? My mentor, a woman I looked up to for her talent, her generosity, her kindness, Jana led a standing ovation!

Since then, each year has blessed me with a new theme song. Check out I'm Gonna Honor This Need, True Advice, and Yes! And....

My life purpose statement? Following the exercise of looking at core values, revisiting a very powerful experience in my life, simple visualizations that helped me sense the impact I want to have in this world, my very personal life purpose statement is this:

I am the song which sets your soul strings vibrating!

You, too, have a purpose. You, too, can be guided from within once you have connected with the very essence of who you are at this point in your life. As your coach, my purpose is to set those inner vibrations in motion and support your process of embracing the all of you!