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This site would not be complete without telling you about those precious others whose inspiration, blessings, and encouragement have made this music possible. My fear in sharing this page is that I will omit someone. If you are such a someone, open now to the blessing coming your way in this very moment!

First and foremost, I thank my husband Jamie and sons Jim and Joe for love expressed as unlimited tolerance. If you only knew the many hours they have listened to ideas starting to take shape and that frightful vocal warmup routine!

I thank my parents who showed me, day in and day out, just what hard work and persistence can do. And I am so grateful for my older sister who took on the task of teaching me how to play the organ so many years ago. I know that the basics she gave me were the perfect start for a lifetime of musical growth.

Finally, the many others whose music has fed me so richly .. you are pure gift! I am blessed to have met and spent quality time with some of you. Others have come into my soul through your music or artwork and have inspired me with your success. Some of you have gifted me with your encouragement of my dream. Thank you! I invite all of you readers to follow the links below and gift yourself with the spiritual blessings you will find there.