Songs For Your Spirit Life Coaching For Your Inward Journey


One of my greatest joys is speaking and singing with people. Over the years, I have been blessed through sharing music with congregations everywhere I go, with friends and family in homes, and in elderly care facilities. Even more delightful than "singing the message" is facing a group of eager singers -- congregations or choirs -- and hearing the music come alive.

More recently I find myself sharing messages from my heart in word and song which invite your heart to come alive and participate. Experiencing YOU in this way fills me and is a sacred gift.

Given the opportunity, I would cherish the chance to address your gathering. Perhaps you have a prayer ministry that would be blessed by an evening of healing music. The small group ministry that focuses on personal spiritual growth might use songs of our soul's journey as the focus for an evening discussion. Maybe the music ministry in your church is just getting started and would enjoy an afternoon of singing and learning together. If special music during a service meets your needs, that would be a privilege.

Search the various offerings already available or request another topic tailored to your group's need! Contact me to schedule a time with your group.

PS: Some places I've been and places I'll be. If we're there together, let's make sure to meet! :-)