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Click book cover to listen to a full audio recording of What's Alive In Me Now? Time for the journey of your life!

What's Alive In Me Now?
Time for the journey of your life!

What's Alive In Me Now? is an invitation for you to discover what is alive in you, to discover your greatness, to discover the willingness to be fully YOU in your life! It is also a conversation, a journey you and I created together as I explored my inner world with you fully in my awareness during the Spring of 2014.

This book is dedicated to you, the reader, who by your very presence and willingness have co-created each and every word. You, by staying with me energetically and spiritually through the writing journey, have offered your desires and needs, your wisdom and awareness. Without you, this work would not exist.

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Table of Contents (audio recording)

  1. Questioning {click for a sneak preview}
  2. Tears
  3. Inspiration Cards?
  4. Make A Statement
  5. Hesitation
  6. Exposing Our Secrets {click for a sneak preview}
  7. What Secret Society Supports You? {click for a sneak preview}
  8. The Perfectly Imperfect Human
  9. Stalling
  10. Another Can of Worms
  11. Now What? {click for a sneak preview}
  12. Your Greatness
  13. Your Voice
  14. How Are You?
  15. Claiming Your Magnificence {click for a sneak preview}
  16. Are We Complete?
  17. Vacation

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