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I have known Jeanne Loehnis for more than 20 years and I have personally witnessed her journey of transformation on a day by day basis. Each day for Jeanne is a new opportunity to create something positive and powerful. In her book, What's Alive In Me Now?, she lets us in on some of her own process and offers meaningful questions to prompt our own soul searching self-inquiry. Blessings on your own inward journey!

Rev. April Kain-Breese, Unity of Appleton

After hearing about Jeanne from a church member, I asked her to lead our annual parish council retreat. Our congregation has been in a time of trial and transition for a number of years. Tensions were high as we had some tough decisions to make about our future. Jeanne tailored her Power of Perspective workshop into a retreat experience that prepared each of us as individuals and all of us as the parish council to lead the our congregation in the year ahead. Everyone left the retreat with positive feelings - however, only time would tell if the connection and growth that happened that day, within and among us would continue, to deepen, and to become a new norm rather than a forgotten, magical moment. I am happy to report, eight months later, that our parish council has transformed into a strong, positive, and engaged leadership team. I am convinced that this could not have happened as quickly or as effectively without the work of Jeanne and the tools she provided us. Whatever your group may be facing, I believe Jeanne will be able to help you - I wholeheartedly endorse her!

Rev. Brian Bankert - Spring 2014

Comments from attendees at Beyond Self-Care 101! with Jeanne Loehnis and Sarah Crawford, October 2014. All 10 attendees, Occupational Therapy professionals, completed evaluations, with almost 100% "5 of 5" rankings. What did you like about the presentation?

Jeanne and Sarah are a great team! They draw out the best in attendees by seeing the real person. They are very patient and empathetic and create a very welcoming environment.

Lisa Klarner, attendee at "Opening Your Presence: the Gift that Keeps on Giving"

The workshop I attended, Saturday, November 17, 2012, was such a breath of fresh air during the holidays. My spirit has been "enlightened" with wonderful options of making this season the most loving ever.

K. S., attendee at "Opening Your Presence: the Gift that Keeps on Giving"

Jeanne and Sarah opened their hearts to our group, and the group responded by doing the same. I certainly recommend this workshop to anyone who seeks to grow.

A. B., attendee at "Opening Your Presence: the Gift that Keeps on Giving"

In the space created by Jeanne and Sarah, I was able to see the possibilities to create a meaningful holiday season.

W. W., attendee at "Opening Your Presence: the Gift that Keeps on Giving"

How did The Artist's Way touch me? "All aspects of the course fed me. I wouldn't have had a full experience if any of the components were not active. Every week a different aspect came to life. I LOVE the dates; the tasks are incredibly revealing to me; I desire/want/need to do this processing with others. I am awed by how the universe provides. I now have some amazing people in my life whom I am blessed to spend time and energy with. I refer to them as some of my best, deepest and very dearest friendships. Thank you for being here for me."

Linda Galow, Summer 2010

I love talking with Jeanne and about her! I have participated in a couple of workshops that she has co-facilitated, including a recent Wisdom for Your Empowerment retreat where she "ignited possibilities," In addition to her enthusiastic and positive energy, she shared her authentic self in a caring, understanding and loving manner. Especially appreciated were the thought provoking tools she used to spark new insight, using her amazing musical and poetic talents to enhance the experience. Gift yourself with the opportunity of allowing Jeanne to guide you into a greater depth of discovery into yourself.

Jan Goetz, Wauwatosa, WI, October 2011

She changed my life in SO many ways. I will never go back to the way I was before this class, and it really feels like I was always meant to live the way I am now -- open, carefree, doing things on a whim, and just living my life for me. I never expected to get this much out of a 13 week class. However, I was ready for the change and have been waiting for someone like Jeanne and the others in the class... so I would definitely take this class, but only if you are ready and willing. I am sooo grateful! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Cassie Choidoir, Summer 2010

I have had the valuable opportunity to spend time with Jeanne that was really difficult for both of us. Thanks to her incredible openness and willingness always to face new challenges, we both were able to set the hardship aside and unblock loads of creativity from within each of us.

Co-leading a workshop with Jeanne in Poland was an unforgettable experience to me. I feel I have never met a person so reliable and trustworthy as Jeanne. She is able to commit 100% to what she is just doing, staying gentle and vulnerable, at the same time being available for everybody who seeks inspiration. For me she is also a model of diligence.

Courageous woman, born to fly high!

With gratitude,
Maria Piechnik-Potega, CPCC, Warsaw, Poland, Summer 2010

Oh my! What a sea of inner peace! Cartwheels and all. Your story in song touched so many of us. We caught each other in thought following your workshop, and had little moments of healing together. You remind us that it is in our stories that our truth reveals and our hearts unite. And your song-writing abilities are truly evolving in wonderful ways. Thank you so much for being a part of this conference, for bringing your talents, your learnings, your gifts, even your needs. Your open heart opened our hearts.

Veronica Denzer, Springfield, IL, May 2009

Our staff was offered the unique opportunity to experience the Artist's Way workshop with Jeanne as a group. At the start, not all team members were convinced that the time spent together or alone would be worth the possibilities of what could be... What an amazing journey it was! The class gave the staff the chance to learn and grow personally as well as create a stronger bond and support system as a group. The added benefit was Jeanne's ability to guide and encourage team members, meeting them where they were at and supporting them where they were going. The experience was one I'd recommend for any person or group with a desire to experience the possibilities of what could be...

Jane D Zaretzke BA SAC
Counselor/Site Supervisor
Casa Clare; A Division of Mooring Programs Inc.
201 S. Glenridge Ct.
Appleton, WI 54914
Phone 920-731-3981

Thank you so much for facilitating our group. It was a truly positive and moving experience. I really cannot believe the difference it made in everyone's lives, especially mine. Your guidance enabled us all to navigate through some of the murky waters of our lives and in the end see that there is a beautiful waterfall on the other side. Things can and will change if we are only willing to take that first step and do something different. Your presence was like an anchor to our group - you kept us grounded but also gave us visions of where we could go. I found the short two hours we spent together each week very rewarding and inspiring. Thank you so much.

Bev Glaeser, Oshkosh, WI, April 2009

We just completed our 13 weeks of transformation by doing the Artist's Way.

I am deeply appreciative of Jeanne as the facilitator, her groundedness, gentleness in tone, thought and spaciousness of spirit allowed grace to pour into all of our lives. She set the stage for transformation allowing each of us to speak our truth, honor and nurture the other, grow and to laugh!

What a gift she is and has as she provides tools to assist in exploring how to be our true, authentic selves.

Linda Sailer, Oshkosh, WI, April 2009

mmmmmmm~~~ mmmmm!! I love your words, delicious!

You truly have a gift to channel the words and ideas and music and I honor that in you!

Jeanie Brosius, author, life coach, April 2008

I do want to say that you are invaluable to Unity in so many ways. Your music allows us to enter into the spirit of voices rising in celebration of God. Your lyrics bring happiness to the speaker and to the listener. Your music is about connection and communion, and because your songs are fun, positive, and "impish" (yes, I did say that -- your sense of humor comes out!), they fill a need for those of us who are not singers but who love to sing with others.

Annette Thornton, congregant at Unity Church of Christianity in Appleton, January 2007

A SPECIAL THANK YOU TO JEANNE LOEHNIS, singer, songwriter, and recording artist of Appleton, Wi. for a wonderful concert of beautiful metaphysical music last Sunday morning. Her music is truly inspiring and speaks so perfectly to this teaching.

Rev. Linda Losey, Center for Spiritual Living, Green Bay