Songs For Your Spirit Life Coaching For Your Inward Journey
Songs For Your Spirit Life Coaching For Your Inward Journey
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Words and music by Jeanne Loehnis
Copyright 2004  Jeanne Loehnis  Appleton, Wisconsin

What’s it all about anyway?
Why am I even here today?
Why did I get up this morning?
Where is it that I am going?

Sometimes I wonder who I am.
I have strayed, can’t imagine when.
Sometimes I feel so lost at sea.
Where did I lose the soul of me?

	Can You tell me where I’m going?
	Can You guide me? Are You knowing?  
	Will You pull me through the emptiness
	and will You help me through the wilderness?

Then I put myself into the flow.
I listen with my heart and soul.
I hear Love’s so message sweet and clear.
God says to me, 

	“I am here.

I will guide each step you take today.
I will hold you so that you’ll not stray.
I'll give you strength to carry on
even when you think all your strength is gone. 

	Just do a single thing for Me:
	recall one gift. Then you will see
	that focused on the blessed ‘one’
	life is rich. My Will is done.

	Take life slowly, never run.
	Treasure life under the sun.
	Live each moment of the day.
	Each is precious, when you stay

	focused on the gift in view.
	It’s meant to guide the inner you.
	Only in now is guidance clear.
	With Me now, you need not fear.

Now is the greatest gift that I’ve shared.
It is for Now you have prepared.
When all but Now you do release,
you’ll find that Now holds blessed peace.”