Songs For Your Spirit Life Coaching For Your Inward Journey
Songs For Your Spirit Life Coaching For Your Inward Journey
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There's No Stopping You Now

Words and music by Jeanne Loehnis
Copyright 2004  Jeanne Loehnis  Appleton, Wisconsin

London, sweet London, you've opened my eyes.
London, sweet London, you've kept the past alive.
Never in my lifetime did history mean so much;
not until I walked your streets to see its painful touch.

Castles strong and mighty we erected so to hide
from anyone who we perceived might stop us in our stride.
Those who dared suggest we change we killed before the break of day.
Those who might usurp our might were locked in chains both day and night.

Spirit, sweet Spirit, just look how far we've come.
Spirit, sweet Spirit, we see Your will is done.
When we stop to listen, we hear your guidance clear.
Love, it is the answer in lands both far and near.

Yet our children see a world that's changing day by day.
They reject our legacy to find a better way. 
Just as in the years gone by we must keep searching. We must try
to secure for all mankind: peace on earth and love that binds. We must…

walk with You, run with You,
hold your hand and fly across the ocean blue.
There's no stopping us now: 
we'll heal the world. As we...
walk with You, run with You,
love our neighbor as ourselves with love that's true,
there's no stopping us now.  No stopping You now. 
There's no stopping! Your Love will heal the world!