Songs For Your Spirit Life Coaching For Your Inward Journey
Songs For Your Spirit Life Coaching For Your Inward Journey
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Praise God Every Day

Words and music by Jeanne Loehnis
Copyright 2003  Jeanne Loehnis  Appleton, Wisconsin

Sing God’s praises loud and clear.
Everyone will stop to hear.
With your friends now shout and cheer.
Praise God every day.

Praise God on the flute and drum.
If you choose then you can hum.
There’s a part for everyone.
Praise God with a song.

Praise God as you walk around.
Move, but do not make a sound.
March now, as your feet they pound.
Praise God with your feet.

Praise God even when you dance.
Come now! You can take the chance.
With God never say you can’t.
Praise God as you move.

Praise God in the morning light.
Each and every noon and night.
And before you start a fight. 
Praise God all the time.

Praise God in your Sunday best.
When you’re dressed to take a test.
Even if your hair’s a mess.
Praise God as you are.

Praise God anywhere you go.
Everyone God’s Love you’ll show.
Shout God’s praises high and low.
Praise God everywhere.

Praise God when you pet your cat.
When you watch her chase a rat.
Even as she swats a gnat.
Praise God for your pets.

Praise God when you’re feeling mad.
When you’re down and when you’re sad.
God will make your heart feel glad.
Praise God in your need.

Praise God when you help a friend.
To his needs you can attend.
Then with prayer God’s Love you’ll send.
Praise God as you help.

Praise God when you’re with your Dad.
When your sister’s acting bad.
Even if your brother’s mad.
Praise God at your home.

Praise God with your favorite sport.
On the field or on the court.
When the ball’s been thrown too short.
Praise God at the game.

Praise God with your inner voice. 
As you listen to each choice.
Let your spirit now rejoice.
Praise God from your soul.