Songs For Your Spirit Life Coaching For Your Inward Journey
Songs For Your Spirit Life Coaching For Your Inward Journey
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You Gotta

Words and music by Jeanne Loehnis
Copyright 2003  Jeanne Loehnis  Appleton, Wisconsin

You gotta take what life’s giving you. 
You gotta find the gifts God shares with you.
You gotta trust there’s more for you to do. 
Keep movin’, keep praying in love.

Whenever life dishes out pain and sorrow, Oh!
Don’t let it get you down: With God you’ll rise again!

You gotta keep workin’ toward your goal. 
You gotta dig deep within your soul.
You gotta persevere, then you will know: 
God’s love is the strength to see you through.

When there are challenges to face and you don’t know where to start.
Take a minute and pray. Let Spirit light the way!

You gotta face what life gives to you. 
You gotta think thoughts of love and truth.
And then just let God express through you, 
and live out your melody of love.

For on this path that you will take with Love lighting the way.
I see joy in your fate. Just remember this today:

You gotta take time to go within. 
You gotta see your vision then begin
To watch your dreams unfold as God had planned. 
You’re one in the symphony, 
    you are Love’s melody,
        one as the energy of Love.