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The Artist's Way

The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron is a guided tour into the inner, creative self. It is not simply a book for "visual artists"; it is a resource for everyone who wishes to live with more creative expression and more spiritual connection with Life itself. The Artist's Way is a course in unblocking our personal, internal creator, freeing ourselves to express our inner beauty, merging our lives with the Master Creator of the universe - however we may define it. Our sacred contract as human beings is to discover, uncover, and nourish our personal soul children, those unique gifts and talents deep within, and bring them to life. In turn, these soul children bring us to life and we embrace each and every moment energetically, wholeheartedly, creatively!

Course Description:

The Artist's Way material is divided into a twelve-week course (we cover one chapter each week, preceded by an introductory session), with assignments which are deceptively simple, but require commitment. Each chapter is devoted to a particular aspect of discovering and recovering the inner creator. The chapters discuss some of the pitfalls and problems of the creative process and provide exercises designed to stimulate your creativity and enhance your sense of self.

The course is an intense, personal journey into the self. Material is introduced and discussed during the weekly classes but much of the personal growth happens through the daily commitments of reading, writing, play and tasks. The group provides the opportunity for sharing and receiving feedback on challenges and celebrations and for developing relationships with others who share the desire to live more fully. Participants ready for The Artist's Way are not currently struggling with addiction issues or undergoing therapy for deep seated emotional issues.


Weekly Class:

Following the first evening which covers the introduction and sets the stage for the 12 lessons, classes will meet weekly for 12 weeks. Each session includes both the opportunity to share personal growth, insight, and inspiration from the previous week's assignments and life experiences and a look into the next chapter to prepare for the week ahead.

The Artist's Way is an empowering book for anyone. It is unique in three ways:

What have other students experienced?

She changed my life in SO many ways. I will never go back to the way I was before this class, and it really feels like I was always meant to live the way I am now -- open, carefree, doing things on a whim, and just living my life for me. I never expected to get this much out of a 13 week class. However, I was ready for the change and have been waiting for someone like Jeanne and the others in the class... so I would definitely take this class, but only if you are ready and willing. I am sooo grateful! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Cassie Choidoir, Summer 2010

The added benefit was Jeanne's ability to guide and encourage team members, meeting them where they were at and supporting them where they were going. The experience was one I'd recommend for any person or group with a desire to experience the possibilities of what could be.

Jane D Zaretzke BA SAC, January 2010

Thank you so much for facilitating our group. It was a truly positive and moving experience. I really cannot believe the difference it made in everyone's lives, especially mine. Your guidance enabled us all to navigate through some of the murky waters of our lives and in the end see that there is a beautiful waterful on the other side. Things can and will change if we are only willing to take that first step and do something different. Your presence was like an anchor to our group - you kept us grounded but also gave us visions of where we could go.

Bev Glaeser, Oshkosh, WI, April 2009

We just completed our 13 weeks of transformation by doing the Artist's Way. I am deeply appreciative of Jeanne as the facilitator, her groundedness, gentleness in tone, thought and spaciousness of spirit allowed grace to pour into all of our lives. She set the stage for transformation allowing each of us to speak our truth, honor and nurture the other, grow and to laugh! What a gift she is and has as she provides tools to assist in exploring how to be our true, authentic selves.

Linda Sailer, Oshkosh, WI, April 2009

Come unprepared for an exciting journey into yourself. Be open to exploring those recesses which will reveal your glorious You.

Carolyn Dargevics, Summer-Fall 2008

This class is life altering beyond description. I watched each class member awaken more fully to their authentic self through this process. We each seemed to embrace our personal power in ways that allow true freedom I doubt that any of us will ever return to who we were before taking this journey.

Diane Koser, Summer-Fall 2008