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Dwell In Possibility - a retreat to grow your leadership team!

Your team, council, board or work group desires connection, collaboration, expansion and powerful visioning for what's next. You are ready to help them set the foundation for the positive, co-creative energy that is required. Dwell In Possibility! is for you and your colleagues. Each will experience personal opening through unblocking and intuitive listening while the group connects, listens to the whole, sets aside limitations and generates ideas toward unlimited possibility!

Groups that will consider this work include but are not limited to: independent consultants or business owners and their teams, those who work or volunteer together, non-profit executive directors and their Board, spiritual leaders with their Board or ministry teams.

After hearing about Jeanne from a church member, I asked her to lead our annual parish council retreat, March 2014. Our congregation has been in a time of trial and transition for a number of years. Tensions were high as we had some tough decisions to make about our future. Jeanne tailored her Power of Perspective workshop (which grew into Dwell In Possibility!) into a retreat experience that prepared each of us as individuals and all of us as the parish council to lead the our congregation in the year ahead. Everyone left the retreat with positive feelings - however, only time would tell if the connection and growth that happened that day, within and among us would continue, to deepen, and to become a new norm rather than a forgotten, magical moment. I am happy to report, eight months later, that our parish council has transformed into a strong, positive, and engaged leadership team. I am convinced that this could not have happened as quickly or as effectively without the work of Jeanne and the tools she provided us. Whatever your group may be facing, I believe Jeanne will be able to help you - I wholeheartedly endorse her!. Rev. Brian Bankert - Spring 2014

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Facilitated by:

Jeanne Loehnis, Transformational, Inward Journey Life Coach