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Engage With Possibility!

Engage With Possibility is an invitation into deep expansion. During this one-of-a-kind experience, we create space for the unspoken to come forward. This workshop is ideal for team building, focused, facilitated exploration, deepening interpersonal relationships while expanding personal awareness. Workshop length is determined by your needs and desires as well as the size of your group. An initial gathering will last up to three hours with follow-up group or individual work available upon request.

Groups that will consider this work include but are not limited to: independent consultants or business owners and their teams, those who work or volunteer together, spiritual leaders with their Board or ministry teams. Our work is also ideal on retreat or with friends and book clubs where deepening relationships is desired.

If you as the leader, employer or manager of the group are not comfortable with participants speaking the previously unspoken, please do not ask us to come.

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Facilitated by:

Jeanne Loehnis, Transformational Life Coach, Singer/Songwriter

Sarah Crawford, Ontological Life Coach