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What do folks say about Jeanne's Inspiration Cards?

Very few people ask questions that cause you to stop and reflect, and that is unfortunate, because great questions can lead to miraculous change in your life. Jeanne Loehnis, however, has cleverly provided the questions that can be accessed at any time on her Inspiration Cards. I have used them in my own life when feeling a need for inspiration and always discover a new awareness. I have also tucked an Inspiration Card in greeting cards for a unique and special touch, as well as given a whole set for birthdays and holidays. The receivers of these gifts always comment on their uniqueness and their ability to transform perspective. Thank you, Jeanne, for questioning me into a better person!

Maripat Abbott, CPCC

Inspirational images and messages leap off the cards, pushing you to question yourself and your path. I have found the coaching cards to be a beautiful reminder of mindfulness, intention and truth. I post them on my desk where I can see the messages every day.

Frances Perkins, December 2011
Producer, Northtown Productions

Jeanne's Inspiration Cards are uniquely creative and wonderful. With seeming effortlessness, she assembles images and words that subtly touch one's mind in order to provoke thought, growth, and general reflection.

Benjamin Willard, December 2011
Applications Development Manager, Lawrence University