Songs For Your Spirit Life Coaching For Your Inward Journey

Playful Spirit

Bring heart, body and spirit to your current situation. Clear your thoughts. Select one or more questions. Let your deep inner wisdom respond:

   Playful Spirit Coaching Prompts
Background photo used with permission
of photographer, Matty Wolin.
For more of Matty's amazing work,
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What is your puppy energy?
What have you set your teeth into?
What weight are you pulling around?
What do you believe?
What belief wavers?
What makes you unstoppable?
What energy burst is needed?
What needs a dose of play?
What limits do you claim?
What renders you unlimited?
What needs a shot of confidence?
What ambition is ill-directed?
What is the 'laser focus' perspective?
What engages your spirit in play?
What is your game plan?
What is the power of your '1'?