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Spirituality Through Music

Music is, for me, the main channel through which Spirit's presence and guiding force make themselves known. The songs available on this web site have grown directly from my personal experience of the New Thought message. I am privileged to have been the channel through which they came into being.

Music is first and foremost a message. As such, the lyrics must speak to the heart as the rhythm speaks to the body and the melody to the ear. In a spiritual celebration, the music is an extension of the minister's message. Songs carefully chosen because of their lyrical content are a gift to all who experience them. As a universal language, music has the ability to touch the depth of our spiritual selves. When combined with the message of New Thought, music has tremendous power to change all who experience it. It is my hope that through personal experience of this music, you will have found yet another path to the personal voice of Spirit within you.

Music is gift. Whether we are blessed with the ability to make music or we choose to listen to the talents of others, music has the effect of bringing joy to our busy lives. Music which delivers a positive message has the added impact of inspiration and hope.

The recordings on this site suggest how the composer hears each piece. Music comes alive, however, uniquely within each of us. As you share each song, I pray that it will reflect your heart, your soul, and your special talents.

Blessings in abundance to each of you! Jeanne

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