Songs For Your Spirit Life Coaching For Your Inward Journey

Opening Your Presence: the Gift that Keeps on Giving

Consider bringing this workshop to your community. Mid-November is a perfect time to consider how you will create your holiday season. Contact Jeanne to schedule your 2013 workshop!

The holiday season is often characterized as chaotic overload which comes crashing to an end in January when we "begin again". What if you decided to receive this season as an invitation to inner peace, joy, wellness and wholeness? What if your vision was to arrive at January 1 with lightness and joy in your being, free and empowered to have an amazing new year?

YES it is possible! Life offers us endless opportunities; ours is to focus on the presence that we are, the being that we bring to the moment. Join with professional life coaches, Sarah Crawford and Jeanne Loehnis, to:

  • identify the "non-negotiable" elements in your day-to-day wellness and in your holiday season
  • become willing to release activities, beliefs, plans which do not hold meaning or value
  • leave with a commitment to take full responsibility for YOU and your vision for January

Bring a journal. Dress comfortably. Come prepared to BE.

Jeanne Loehnis, Co-Active Life Coach with Songs For Your Spirit, LLC, brings her passion for life and 30 years of personal journey through addiction and recovery, creativity as composer, writer, poet, and performer, and a spirituality which infills everything she does to her workshops. Intentional about health and wellness, Jeanne has discovered the power of yoga as a means to bring physical wellness together with spiritual depth. Jeanne's unique mix of talent and life experience is witnessed in interactive workshops intended to encourage personal growth through self searching and sharing with others.

Sarah Crawford is an ontological Life Coach and owner of Sitawi Life Coaching, LLC in Appleton, WI. Sarah's extensive experience in crisis-based work with youth and families combined with her international travel experience have provided a foundation of love, compassion and respect for all ways of being. Sarah is an artist and has an in-depth understanding of the importance of personal well-being in the creation of transformational life shifts and as access to the most authentic self. Sarah believes everyone has innate talents and passions which, when embraced and developed alongside a holistically nourished mind, body, and soul, lead to a thriving and authentic being.

These facilitators will invite you into a deep experience
of YOU!

Sarah Crawford, Ontological Life Coach with Sitawi Life Coaching, LLC

Jeanne Loehnis, Transformational, Co-Active Life Coach, Singer/Songwriter with Songs For Your Spirit, LLC