Songs For Your Spirit Life Coaching For Your Inward Journey

Recovery, 12 Steps, and Spirituality

Those of you familiar with the 12 step programs know that identifying a personal Higher Power and "turning our will and our lives over" to HP is the foundation of recovery. My own walk through various programs led me to a deeper desire for spiritual growth and eventually to a spiritual community whose beliefs have enhanced my recovery and inspired the music and other writings on this site. Most recently, my walk has come full circle and I have taken the spiritual music back to the recovering community along with Twenty-Four Hours, a song written for recovery.

Below you will find several ways to enhance your relationship with HP in support of your recovery. The 12 Steps In Song is a lyrical walk through the steps. "The 12 Steps For Spiritual Growth" and "The 12 Steps For Relationships" mold the familiar steps, which have gifted us with guidelines for staying sober, into guidelines for living sober in our relationships and on our spiritual walk in this world.

I encourage you to consider developing support networks beyond those offered by AA, AlAnon, OA, NA, etc. Walking Alone, Together, is the definition of a group that might be called SA, Spirituality Anonymous. Yet I would prefer to think of it as SSL, Support for Spiritual Living, and not keep my involvement anonymous!

Blessings for your recovery, friend!