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Perhaps you have noticed that all of the music from Songs For Your Spirit is available for free, instant download. While some of the music does not have complete keyboard arrangements, I know that you and your creativity can fill in the blanks! If you or your musical friends have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

My request is that you select the publication(s) which intrigue you from the drop down search below. Scroll to view a list of all songs in your selection, browse the music and lyrics, and click a link for automatic download of the PDF book. Then support this work and spread the message of personal empowerment and positive living through music by making a donation, by exchanging financial energy, here.

In Spirit, Jeanne

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(*) Collaborators welcome! Often the Keyboard Score is merely chords-only with the keyboard staves blank, but in the correct key to match the capo'd guitar. If your talent includes writing delightful, simple keyboard parts, please do!