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I've read most of your thought provoking book. It tickles my mind and spirit in a lovely fashion and nudges me into life expansion. In short, your vulnerability invites, encourages and stimulates going beyond one's comfort zone into one's growth zone. Thank you.

Bedford Hines, M.A., Counselor/Therapist, 2015

Jeanne has expertly put her voice of experience and inspiration into her book. What's Alive in Me Now? is very relatable. Jeanne openly and honestly shares many of her own life experiences along with helpful tools and thought provoking questions to really get the reader thinking about life. This wonderful resource guides readers through a journey of discovery and can most certainly help people find their true passion in life. I highly recommend What's Alive in Me Now? to anyone who is looking to find and follow their life passion!

Lisa Klarner, Author of Releasing the Secret Pain

Jeanne, I love you! I am feeling emotional right now as I'm writing this, but I took time yesterday morning and today to finish reading your book. You had mentioned something the other day about did I get to the part about your hair and I was not remembering if I had. Well, I had read it and today I reread it. I wanted to read the book for me, but I also wanted to read the book for you because you are important to me.

I feel blessed by you, by your courage, by the book and the messages that have resonated within me. Your hair like my makeup. It's funny, because I find myself wanting to know you and the things from your past, those vulnerabilities that were a part of shaping who you are and the times when you opened up about them in the book or the times you felt you were being "preachy" I loved. Yet, like you shared, you don't like rehashing the past because that bores you, yet that level of vulnerability is a comfort for me. That being said, this book for you is "a story of human experience, human evolution, spiritual expansion, coming into one's own." You are co creating along with us.

I for one will reference sections again and would like to journal my thoughts and learnings from those pages in your book soon.

N.S. Appleton, Wisconsin

I have known Jeanne Loehnis for more than 20 years and I have personally witnessed her journey of transformation on a day by day basis. Each day for Jeanne is a new opportunity to create something positive and powerful. In her book, What's Alive In Me Now?, she lets us in on some of her own process and offers meaningful questions to prompt our own soul searching self-inquiry. Blessings on your own inward journey!

Rev. April Kain-Breese, Unity of Appleton

I just did a quick read through of your book. It's wonderful - and personal. I felt that I was having a conversation with you. You were in the room. The collages, poetry, reference to music and pacing were terrific.

The concept of self-leadership is "right on." Great language and enjoyable to read.

I think you have a jewel here and wish you great success with it. All the best, Helen

Helen Dennis, Specialist in Aging, Employment & The New Retirement, Project Renewment

I have reached the halfway point of your book and I wanted to give you some feedback. IT IS BEAUTIFUL! Your vulnerability in sharing of yourself is such a gift to me and I am honored that you chose to share it with me. I'm loving it ...

Onto the second half!

Lynn McLaughlin, Transformational Life Coach with DandAlliance, LLC