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Women's Song Circle

Women's Song Circle is a safe, even sacred, circle of women where you will be inspired through song to open to your heart's knowing. With timeless wisdom from inspired songwriters expressed through Jeanne's acoustic guitar and clear, heart-full voice, you will listen within and find your emotional truth, your mystery, your voice. This is a place where you can sing, speak or remain silent, laugh or cry, scream or whisper, dance or be still. It is a place where we know that you know what you need more than anyone else on planet earth. There will be no agenda, no fixing, no unsolicited guidance. Music will be inspired by our sharing. You can ask for feedback - or not. Most importantly, you will hear the call of your own heart expressed by you. This is often all that any of us need in order to find clarity around life's challenges and opportunities.

The songwriters whose creations you will experience come from beautiful souls that Jeanne is privileged to know as friends:

You are also likely to hear a song or two that the Universe manifested through Jeanne!

Each circle is a standalone, precious experience. Song circles can happen anywhere - home, church or workplace are some options. Contact Jeanne to arrange your circle. The total investment for this two hour experience is $200.

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